Jason Ward visits Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada New Production facility in Brampton

Synthetic Ice News / November 5, 2014

Jason Ward made a surprise visit with Wayman Harten owner of Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada today, having skated on our product in the past many times, Jason was excited to tour the new 7500 sq. ft production facility in Brampton, stating that he was not surprised at the Growth & success of the Company, based on the fact of the quality of the product, and how simple it makes it for people to have a custom training facility set up in their own homes with in the matter of days, reducing the need for travel to outside rinks and of course the ever increasing costs associated with using such facilities.

Jason Ward signs synthetic ice rink boards

Wayman Showed Jason the new test skating surface they had made for potential clients to come in and skate on, Wayman believes in the “Try before you Buy” theory, there are so many companies popping up claiming their Ice is the best, we say put your Ice where your skate is, once you try our Ice, see how easy it is to assemble, and of course see the Facility in which it is made and shipped from locally, it truly is a win win situation for the client, where customer service is always number 1.

Of all the clients who have tried our test surface, the same statement resonates amongst them, “We’re so glad we came to see your Facility” it’s so clean, Modern and organized! We were worried you were just another distributor for a product from overseas, and of course once they have skated on the product, that’s the clincher, they get the opportunity first hand to see the seamless nature of our Ice product, and feel the fluidity when they skate on it, “they say it truly is as it is advertised” excellent!

Upon finishing his tour and talking with everyone on hand, Jason was kind enough to sign one of the arena panel’s on the test surface it self, and then was on his way. What a true Professional, Jason, thank you for the visit from the Team at Synthetic Ice Solutions Of Canada.

Remember, “When you need a training Surface, We’ve got your Ice!”