Ice Rink Construction – The Synthetic Ice Solution

The 21st century way of ice rink construction is so much easier than the traditional way. It’s a one time project that takes little time at all and you’ll have a beautiful ice rink for many, many years. When synthetic ice first became available it was a good product but there were issues that cropped up over time such as problems with joints that connected the sheets. Today the technology has been perfected and a synthetic ice pad will typically last 15 – 20 years without issues.

A common question is what is it like to skate on synthetic ice versus natural ice. The answer is that they are very similar but synthetic ice makes you work a little bit harder by about 10%. This can be beneficial if your goal is to improve your skating as you’ll be gliding with ease when you get back to natural ice. The great thing is a synthetic ice pad is there for you to skate on 365 days a year, not just for a couple months in the winter like a backyard rink or limited hours available at a public rink. Don’t suffer through the task of ice rink construction year after year, experience synthetic ice solutions today.