How To Keep Your Backyard Ice Rink Into Springtime!

Solutions,Synthetic Ice News / February 3, 2016

Who knew it was possible, but we are here to tell you how you can keep your backyard ice rink into springtime and beyond. Who knew that you could actually ice skate on your backyard ice rink all year round no matter what the weather With the right synthetic ice you will be able to practice, train, and have fun for hours whenver you want to. But be careful with the type of synthetic ice you choose as some can buckle or require liquid added, here are a few tips on how to keep your backyard all year round for years and years.

Consider the type of material, the size and the thickness of the panels. Can it withstand superior wear and tear throughout the year and be stable enough to last a long time These questions should be asked before purchasing the backyard ice rink. How do the panels fit together will that be stable over the long term or will it show seams and have potential for buckling over the years Do you have to add any additives to make it glide enough or is the ice high enough quality on it’s own How well can you glide on it, the best synthetic ice only requires up to 15 percent more effort than the average rink. This will make it ideal to practice and exercise on.

Avoid buckling and gapping ice rinks. This occurs when the temperature changes. The synthetic ice will expand and contract, but with the right type of synthetic ice you will not experience an ice rink that buckles or gaps from the weather change. No matter how many times you take the ice apart or connect it, the ice shouldn’t cause a problem. You should be able to easily put it back together and use it without having to add liquid. Silicone needs to be added to some fake ice, but there are very few that don’t require any liquids added at all which makes these rinks the ideal solution to your backyard ice rink.

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